Lifestyle Photography + direction for the Conscious brand

I am wild about creating with brands that care deeply. I work with selective companies and publications that realize that their product, their marketing and even how they fill their office space tells a story.  I am honored to be a part of the large cultural shift towards what is sustainable and thoughtful. I create contemporary images that are rooted in timeless truths. 

I help brands paint a picture of a holistic lifestyle, tell stories of depth and uphold dignifying products. Im locally grounded but globally minded. 


Warby Parker                        Darling Magazine                          Shinola
The Food Network               Good Corp / Good Magazine        Arrowhead Water
The Giving Keys                   Magnify Magazine                         Vetta
Karen Kimmel Studios          Alpha Life Magazine                      First Seating
Propel Women                      Design Sponge         
Invisible Children                 Global Zero  




Los Angeles, CA 


As a new eco-athleisure brand I was looking for a photographer who embodied my brand values and aesthetic but I couldn't find photographers mixing both a sporty / fitness vibe with ethical / sustainability. 

Coming into the shoot, I was inexperienced and overwhelmed. Sarah helped me plan all aspects of the shoot - timeline, styling, location, models and whatnot. I was confident that Sarah would be able to execute on what I envisioned. Now my company is ready to launch, real to potential customers, full of life and gaining traction. 

Suzanne, founder of Zanni