photography that helps conscious brands birth their ideas

Lead by my belief that the whole world is charged with the sacred, I tell visual stories of hope. 

My work as a photographer / director has taken me to conflict zones in the Middle East & Africa as well as directing lifestyle and editorial content for ethical fashion & wellness brands internationally. 

I am honored to be a part of the large cultural shift towards what is sustainable and thoughtful, lead by the brands & individuals I serve. 


Warby Parker                       Darling Magazine                          Shinola
The Food Network               Good Corp / Good Magazine    Arrowhead Water
The Giving Keys                   Lauren Scruggs                               Vetta
Karen Kimmel Studios          AWAY                                             Squarespace             
Propel Women                    Design Sponge                                Amy Schumer
Invisible Children                 City of Los Angeles                           




Los Angeles, CA 


As a new eco-athleisure brand I was looking for a photographer who embodied my brand values and aesthetic but I couldn't find photographers mixing both a sporty / fitness vibe with ethical / sustainability. 

Coming into the shoot, I was inexperienced and overwhelmed. Sarah helped me plan all aspects of the shoot - timeline, styling, location, models and whatnot. I was confident that Sarah would be able to execute on what I envisioned. Now my company is ready to launch, real to potential customers, full of life and gaining traction. 

Suzanne, founder of Zanni