Nicaragua - Part 1

Early October one Sunday, in a matter of 24 hours Nicaragua was brought up one way or another too many times to ignore; my old Roomate shared about how her recent fiancé and her had honeymooned there, a new friend shared his story of starting a magazine and being wrongfully imprisoned there, a blogger shared her recent El Camino vacation, and two others shared of missions trips down to the beautiful land of Nicaragua. There was so much energy in the direction of Nicaragua I couldn't ignore it. With my 29th birthday coming up, at 1am, on a whim I bought two tickets south. I knew I needed to rest. I knew I needed to be on a sailboat. I knew I just needed to spend a whole week surrounded by water. I knew Nicaragua would bring something sacred and significant. 

Little did I know that it would be a powerful experience on many levels including getting to share my love for international travel with my mother. New to the whole “traveling to a developing country’ thing, it was so fun to get her on the dollar chicken bus (see her face in the photo below!), to rest together and explore a new place together. 

Nicaragua carries with it some of the most personable people. The creative, entrepreneurial spirit runs deep - 

With the invitation to totally rest during this trip it was the first official “vacation” I had taken. I have always piggy backed or extended work trips to “vacation”, but I had actually never traveled somewhere to simply rest. It was a challenge. It felt privileged and lazy. It felt incredibly divided and unproductive. With the family living down the street from our boutique hotel making each month the same amount it cost me to fly down, I was uneasy. The truth that I so find my value in “doing good” began melting off as the Spirit drew me in close and reminded me that He delights 100% in me following through and resting just as much as He delights 100% in the family down the street as they sit in their rocking chairs on their porches. I could sit on my butt, doing nothing, performing for no one and Papa God would still love me. His love for us is not contingent on our behavior. It is undeserved, and will continue to be unmerited. Its grace. Thats how she works. 

Stay |  Los Patios

Move | Pure Gym & Yoga studio 

Reading | Gingo Nightmare, Discerning Heart, Sacred Architecure  

Practices | Resting, journaling, getting to know the locals, hiking, savoring each meal, thinking through core beliefs. 

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