Nicaragua - Part 2

After a few days in Granada we ventured west to San Juan Del Sur. The drive west is laced with volcanos and the most stunning farmlands. It was quite surreal after reading Eric's memoir of his time in the country (The book is not for the faint of heart, but a well worth the read for anyone working / traveling internationally). His story weighed heavily on my heart knowing full well it was only time that separated his reality from mine. It deepened my interest in international and sustainable business. It validated my instincts around how much intention deserves to be placed on ecotourism and thoughtful - sustainable businesses in places like Nicaragua. It also evoked a wild new satiation for truth. 

In San Juan, my dear friend Rachel met up with us and we met a handful of other travelers, shopped at the mercado, grabbed coffee and the best veggie burger at Nacho Libre. 

What started over 6 months ago as a fun night with friends left me with a vivid vision of a boat sailing off into deep waters where I did not know the exact destination nor was I the one in control. I have continued to spiritually, fondly revisit that boat almost weekly. Off the coast of San Juan, my best friend by my side I got to sail on the waters just off the coast of Nicaragua, jumping off and swimming to our own private beach. This moment on the Pacific was a collimation of so many conversations, prayers and mundane but significant events that had lead up to it. 

Stay | El Jardin

Sail | Nica Sail n Surf

I want to move like the water, flowing within the container I'm placed. Humble as the ocean, fit between the lands. Quiet enough to be a vapor, sturdy enough to freeze into a glacier.

We finished with our last night back in Granada, spending my birthday night reading to the sound of thunder and rain. It was a fitting end, raining water on all that had been planted. Beyond all the fancy hotels and drink we indulged it, the true richness of having two of my most significant people with me on my birthday was overwhelmingly special. In the end I don't want to travel the world without the ones I love. 

Stay | Tribal Hotel

Nicaragua taught me that I am unstoppable. We are not powerful because of what we do, or what we create. We are not successful because of who we know or even the impact we make in the world.

I'm unstoppable because I have been saved by the majestic grace of the God of the universe and his love through Christ tells me I'm worth every bit of that sacrifice.

We are unstoppable because his love for everyone to be restored is unstoppable. This is our hope.

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