Some days you wake up and photograph some of the worlds most influential people. 

The two-day event is the crown jewel in an organization that feels part illuminati IRL, part Davos, and Summit Series on steroids. That’s because it’s chock-full of some of the biggest business names on the planet (PTTOW! stands, modestly, for Plan To Take On The World). 


This particular day David Blaine staged live magic. GoogleX’s Astro Teller discussed his company’s secretive moonshots—particularly how many failures the self-driving cars project had before getting on the ground. Artists and musicians including Echosmith, Lindsey Stirling, the band Fun, and Jon Batiste played to a swooning crowd.

Quincy Jones opened up about how the Depression fueled his ambition to graduate beyond the street life. David Guetta accepted an award for his contributions to electronic dance music. And my personal favorite, Aloe Blacc singing to his own songs as we danced the night away!