GOOD Magazine Feature | Issue 34

Long ago, failure was simply not an option. Yet this concept has taken an altogether unprecedented turn in recent years, becoming an end in itself.

Largely spurred by the business community and abetted by the self-help industry, we find ourselves increasingly being dared to fail, and to do so “upwards” and “early and often”. At the time of writing, the TED website hosted 140 talks on the topic of failure. But how much do we really mean it? And of what value is it to civic life?

GOOD invited five friends to their co-founder and chief creative officer Casey Caplowe’s house to shed some light on the matter in the first GOOD Dinnertime Conversation. It was a joy to photograph and discuss how to "fail quicker" and better. I was honored to have worked with Ben Keesey in the early days of Invisible Children. He spoke so eloquently and candidly of the truth and grit of failing. Im honored to capture conversations that stir humanity toward a deeper level of vulnerability and inspiration. 

The Dinner and conversation was beautifully executed by my lady friends over at First Seating. 

You can read the whole online FEATURE here & as well as get the printed magazine HERE.