Environmental Sustainability and Ethics | Lighting



Environmental Sustainability and Ethics  

When Zanni approached me about producing their lifestyle images I was proud to work with a new small business using ethical fabrics proudly made in Los Angeles. They, like many brands have conscious products, made locally / ethically, however the production behind the images can be counter productive - using toxic make-up, single use cups and bottles, and styling with less than ethical brands. Its a journey to to realize our impact and make moves towards doing things with greater levels of intention.

I believe if businesses are educated on their options and innovative ways to lessen their environmental impact and increase their ethics the market will continue to move in this direction.

I am excited to share what I have learned and serve as a guide to conscious brands and individuals! I will be doing a series of posts breaking down the ethics and elements of a shoot.

How you produce a shoot is just as important as the product you are selling. We are not going for perfection, rather integrity. Below are my best practice guide as it relates to lighting. Comment below if you find this helpful or share it! 


  • If an when possible shoot using the sun as a source of light.
  • Have H/MU team set up close to a window / door as to use natural light.
  • When renting equipment, look for the ENERGY STAR certification and ask for tips for using the machine efficiently. 
  • Use rechargeable batteries such as iPower 9-volts, Ansmann NiMH AAs, or Sanyo Eneloop AAs.
  • Unplug lighting set ups as soon as you wrap. 
  • Ask your photographer/ post production team to edit with natural light, during daytime to use less electricity. 
  • When looking for office workspace, look for options with available natural light, again to use less electricity.