Spring to Summer Transition



Spring is March 20th - June 19th so in less than a week it will come to an end and Summer will officially be here in California. One thing I have learned over the years is that if you know something is seasonal, that it won't last forever - that its here today, gone tomorrow it gives us permission to live with both more abandon and more restraint. We savor the sour vinegar in Spring that gives way to the crisp cucumbers in Summer.

We learn that the ideas, prayers and seeds we planted last Autumn have geminated this Spring, only to see more mature growth come Summer. 

As we move from Spring to Summer here are some activations and ideas to move you through this transition week.  I find the ritual of saying goodbye cathartic. Sometimes it brings closure, reflection or perhaps gratitude. Based on a blend of the emotional, physical & spiritual invitations of Spring here are my ideas on 

Saying goodbye to Spring


What have I learned?

What new opportunities have I been given? 

What area do I have a renewed Joy in? 

What was birthed or grown in me?

What have I learned to accept more like a child?

What new projects have I started?

What new actions am I taking? 

What beliefs have I shed? 

How have I experienced compassion?

How have I experienced patience?

How have I experienced acceptance?

How have I experienced benevolence? 

How do we receive Joy? 


Play | Choose a past-time activity/ game/ book / adventure that brought you joy in your early childhood. Invite your best friend or lover to play with you. Read your favorite chapter from the book to your kids before you go to bed. Simply enjoy, laugh and play until your heart is content. 

Once you feel closure, on or around June 19th / 20th transition to 

Welcoming Summer

Read this list out-loud (alone or with a friend / lover) 

I am eager to experience & practice equanimity

I will learn to savor the moment

I willingly choose changing connections

I walk by faith

I am letting more and more of my guards down

I am excited to participate in selfless service

I am expecting rewards

It all belongs

I will laugh often this Summer

I will walk this out

I will be healed through song / singing

I enjoy those around me

My comfort zone is expanding

I invite lightness

I am being invited into expansion & growth

Euphoria, passion and courage remind me Summer is here  

I am confident


Morning Prayer

Choose one of these that is most challenging for you and write it out on a post-it that you can put near your bed. Let it become a part of your morning prayers.