It's Winter Solstice!

Winter is about seeing the tree, naked of her leaves, seemingly dead and knowing that she’s very much alive. It’s seeing her revealed form without all the fruit or leaves to distract you. It’s about noticing that tree in its most stripped down, vulnerable state and seeing her truest form.

To the outside world it doesn’t look like anything’s happening. Life is still; there’s no movement. But yet … deep in the dark, a quiet transformation is happening.

The tree will bloom in due season. She will bare extraordinary fruits.

This is the transformation your spirit, and all of nature, is undergoing throughout Winter. Again, to the outside world life is still & quiet. The days are dark; the trees are bare. Everything appears dead, or frozen. You don’t see anything meaningful happening. But in the darkness, hidden inside or deep underground massive growth is occurring.

The energy has just shifted from the leaves down into the roots.

You are growing in ways you can’t visibly see yet.

You are undergoing a significant transformation this season.

Winter’s power lies below the surface, in the hidden, in the unseen, in the dark.

Your work this season is to be like the tree. Trust, listen and simply rest.

Rest. Rest. Rest.

Trust that if you let the energy stay in your root system for a few more months you will grow bigger.

No external work is required. In fact it’s discouraged.

I can’t wait to share more about the beauty and invitations that come in Winter. Until then I’m sending you so much love on this beautiful Winter Solstice.


Sarah Shreves, Integrative Life Coach

The wisdom of the seasons has the capacity to balance us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Simply put the seasons teach us where to focus our energy. When we connect to the seasonal rhythms we conserve energy, we move with the natural cadences, as if in a dance. This dance is mutually beneficial for humanity and the created world. This creates a more unified collective conscious and more balanced existence, for every living thing. For me its all about restoration - renewal of all things.

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