Right away the room quiets when she walks in. Strong, feminine, tall, confident. She walks with a smile, with gratitude and grace. You can tell she knows who she is and isn't playing a part or dressing for anyone. You can tell she's kind without her saying a word. It doesn't surprise me that she's gone as far as she has and continues to partner with some of the worlds most influential brands. What brand wouldn't want her authenticity + beauty as a part of their brand? You have set a new standard Karlie; the future generations thank you for your classy intelligence and how you have chosen to use your platform for good. 

I found myself on set with Karlie Kloss and AWAY just a few weeks back. Here are some of the behind the scenes images I took. You will see images of some of the teens that are a part of Karlies coding camps, Kode with Klossy. They are wise beyond their years and I was so honored to take photos of each of them! Many thanks to the AWAY team for bringing me in. 

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