It’s Mid-Winter

It’s February which means its the midpoint between Winter and Spring.

And during Winter we are invited to rest, to listen and to plan. In the middle of Winter we find ourselves realizing what is dead (to small, not working, limited) and starting to notice the new growth, new life that Spring will continue to bring. I keep saying to myself, “I just want Spring to be here!” but accepting the present season is essential, especially now. You don’t want to rush into Spring without fully embracing all the slowness Winter has to offer.

Below are some practical ways to live in rhythm with the season right now.


  • Take a mid-day nap

  • Read by the fireplace

  • Go to bed earlier than usual

  • Walk slower, drive slower, text slower, write slower, breathe slower

  • Stay in - It’s totally okay to hibernate indoors right now! Even in California!


  • Create silence by not listening to Spotify when driving, working or during physical activities

  • Eliminate content coming in; limit your time with books, music, TV, movies

  • Practice breathwork

  • Notice body language in conversations; your own and others. Notice your posture right now.

  • Listen to your body; how does it feel after a certain meal, a certain activity, a certain conversation?

  • Practice “redemptive listening” or nonviolent communication


  • Block off 20 minutes and answer the following questions in your journal:

What detox/Spring cleaning do I want to do come Spring? What do I want to learn to accept? What will I nurture this Spring?

Who/what cause do I want to serve this Summer? What experience, idea, place do I plan to explore?

Who/what do I want to study this Autumn?

In what areas do I plan to rest come next Winter?

  • Continue to meet with your therapist and/or spiritual director


I am so excited to be now accepting coaching clients for the Spring 2019 cohort!

For the next 5 weeks my schedule is open for Discovery Calls! This is a 2 hour deep dive-coaching session. You may get all the insights you need in 20 minutes, you may decide after 2 hours that you want more. I block off this time to serve you powerfully; the call is my gift to you.

Ill be doing Discovery Calls, limited to one person per week, until the Spring Equinox on March 20th!

Reserve your time and then ask yourself: How can I show up to this conversation in a way that would open up new possibilities? Am I willing to birth something new and extraordinary this Spring?

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