Experience growth in every area of your life — mental, emotional, physical & spiritual

“This transcends the typical model of life coaching”

“Its a creative approach to holistic life coaching”

It’s like therapy, but for my future

Transformation starts with surrendering to your unique design

Developing the silence to hear your unique voice

And then reclaiming the courage to use that voice to create something beautiful and impactful.

My vision is to build up a community of artists + influencers creating from a place of health & wellbeing
— Sarah Shreves | Integrative Life Coach

You’ll become more self-aware, be able to spot your strengths and learn how to stay in your lane of genius.

You’ll learn new skills, create new mindsets, release cultural expectations and reclaim relationships that support your unique perspective, values and dreams.

It’s like she’s my life doula—a life coach, but with more empathy and spirituality
I started integrating more self care.
I am practicing gratitude and have a clear chart for where I am spending my time
This gives me access to accountability and new perspectives

Somatic coaching moves the center of learning from the head into the body, giving you access to all aspects of your intelligence—intellectual, emotional, and physical & spiritual.

This allows for sustained, transformative change.


The seasons

Simply put the seasons teach us where to focus our energy.


The Systems

By learning to connect the Mental, Physical, Emotional + Spiritual systems we see whole person healing and growth

activated by

Holistic Integration

Embodied Breath-work

Creative play

Imaginative visualization

Seasonal directives

That session gave me contact with my inner most depths, purpose and trust.

Embodied learning means a neuroscience-based approach that integrates mindfulness, action-oriented communication and experiences to shape

New practices that form different results

I needed to create balance between work and social and personal time. I was experiencing chaos in my daily structure.

Now I am seeing and believing that there are answers to my problems and that I can continually improve to have the lifestyle I want.

This integrative & experiential coaching gives artists the tools to develop the resiliency, tenderness, intelligence, and rituals to live a regenerative life. This unique approach transforms the whole self by creating space to discover ones true voice.

Henri Laurens, 1920

Henri Laurens, 1920
What Sarah offers is so unique becuase you are going deeper into internal work and then you have this portrait experience that serves as witness to this internal transformation
In the last 3 months I have experienced emotional strength, spiritual grace, physical consistency and mental expansion


A powerful self discovery tool & healing modality, this unique process aids empowerment by inviting you to experience your True Self by connecting to your creator and then offering a grounding space to practice deep reflection of that image.

With the focus on your personal narrative, the I AM PORTRAIT™ allows us to demonstrate measurable results showing visual proof of transformation. The I AM PORTRAIT™ is included in yearly coaching packages and available to seasonal clients.

Investing in this gave me self-acceptance, clarity and purpose
Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth
I love that Sarah is challenging but allows for grace and that she has been compassionate in my emotional battles and encouraging in my self-doubt. She is committed and gives me the freedom to join her in that.


I am Sarah Shreves, visual artist and Certified Integrative Life Coach

I believe artists + influencers could be the healthiest people on the planet
— Sarah Shreves | integrative life coach

As your coach i bring

  • Stability

  • Clarity

  • Conviction

  • An appreciation for the mystery of life

  • A quality orientation

  • Depth

  • Play! Fun!

  • Transparency

  • A willingness to take necessary risks

  • Numerous healing modalities

  • Neuro-lingusitic programing

  • Visualization techniques

  • Creative activations

my style

My coaching style is a total compilation of my years of experience as a working artist & photographer, arts educator, creative director and years building a wellness company in San Diego, CA.

My practice includes knowledge I've gained in my professional education as a coach as well as the skills, tools, and personal/professional growth I've invested in the last 10+ years of intentionally being on my own healing journey. Investments I have made include sessions with my own personal coach, spiritual director and state of the art holistic practitioners while continuing to expand my knowledge by studying diverse experts in the field.

Overflowing with every tool I have available, I will generously share everything I have learned with you. At the same time, I will challenge you to trust that you have everything you need. I will teach you trust your gut, your path and your unique voice.

It’s life coaching with holistic impact

Clients include

Social Media Influencers, Writer/Poets, Musicians, Painters and Entrepreneurs!


I work with select clients that are willing and able to totally show up for themselves on this journey of transformation. Pricing available upon request.

People “heal” because creativity is healthy— and practicing it, they find their greater selves. And we are all greater than we can conceive.
— Julia Cameron

My invitation to you is to


commit for a year

4 Seasons

Trusting that deep work requires deep time we will be working our way through the seasons together.

commit for a year

_ Twelve months of One-on-One Coaching


  • 90 minute coaching sessions every 2 weeks

  • Email support between sessions

  • Seasonal check-ins

  • Call recordings

  • I AM PORTRAIT™ and other Experiential Development tools included


commit for a season

1 Season

Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn each come with unique invitations. We will use the wisdom of the present season to bring integration and balance to your four systems.

commit for a season

_ Three months of One-on-One Coaching


  • 90 minute coaching sessions every 2 weeks

  • Email support between sessions

  • Call recordings

Next Steps

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Artists are visionaries. We routinely practice a form of faith, seeing clearly and moving toward a creative goal that shimmers in the distance— often visible to us, but invisible to those around is our work that creates the market, not the market that creates our work.
— The Artist Way