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Each season a new cohort of artists & influencers decide to commit to this unique approach to coaching.

*Each cohort is limited to 3

discovery calls are open!

For the next 6 weeks my schedule is open for Discovery Sessions! This is a 90 minute deep dive-coaching session. You may get all the insights you need in 20 minutes, you may decide after 2 hours that you want more. I block off this time to serve you powerfully; the call is my gift to you.

You are invited to block out 90 minutes to slow down and let Summers upcoming themes of exploration, service and conservation guide you into powerful intentions creating mindfulness and purposeful action.

Discovery Sessions are all about obtaining new sight, and experiencing new ways of being that lead to creating new spaces for new actions. Limited spots are available.

*By booking a session you are expressing interest not intention to continue working together.