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Michelle Madsen

I invite you to continue to . . .

Explore | speaking your truth, confidence in leaving the pain cycle & receiving Love

Notice | feelings of guilt, shame and neglect and transcend them with Truth

Appreciate | focus, balance and your limits

Create | room to face your pain, to direct, create, grow and accomplish extraordinary and beautiful things!


commit for the rest of the year | $5250

_ Nine months of One-on-One Coaching


  • 2-3 coaching sessions per month

  • Email support between sessions

  • Seasonal check-ins

  • Call recordings

  • I AM PORTRAIT™ included and other Experiential Development tools available

seasonal framework

Simply put the seasons teach us where to focus our energy. Coaching with this framework means Seasonal specific check in’s, questions and activations.

Holistic Integration

The wisdom of the seasons has the capacity to balance us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. By learning to connect these different systems at play, we bring whole person healing and growth.


All Services are pay in full

Clients begin around the first week of the Season:  

Winter | December 21 

Spring | March 20 

Summer | June 21 

Autumn | September 22 

A few agreements that I think are helpful to solidify before we continue working together

Here’s what I require of you

  1. You need to agree that you will approach the next few months with a fearless heart— its okay to be fearful, to feel resistance, but you wont let it stop you!

  2. You need to commit to being authentic and not hiding parts of you. Be true. 

  3. You need to agree to make your payment in full before we continue. 

Questions? Ideas?

Don’t hesitate to reach out

Ready to go?

Lets put a date on our calendar for when we will speak next.

That will be our first session as a part of our new agreement, our next seasons work together, and basically you are in when you make that payment through PayPal!

commit for 2 more seasons | $4000

_ Six months of One-on-One Coaching


  • 2-3 coaching sessions per month

  • Email support between sessions

  • Call recordings

Coaching Process

Self -Discovery Intake Session(s) 

Seasonal Action Plan Session(s)

Follow up Coaching Session(s)

*All Sessions are around 90 Minutes


A powerful self discovery tool & healing modality, this unique process aids empowerment by inviting you to experience your True Self by connecting to your creator and then offering a grounding space to practice deep reflection of that image.

The I AM PORTRAIT™ allows us to demonstrate measurable results showing visual proof of transformation.

Listening Session | A phone/video call

About a week later | Portrait Session | In person, of course!

About 2 weeks later | Respond Session | A phone/video call

*All Sessions are around 90 Minutes

Additional Listening/Respond Sessions


coaching in rythmn with the four seasons

Winter | Spring | Summer | Autumn

integrating the four systems

Spiritual | physical | Emotional | Mental