Simply put the seasons teach us where to focus our energy.

Coaching with this framework means Seasonal specific check in’s, questions and activations within each session.

In Ayurvedic & Chinese medicine living seasonally is essential. Nutrition, lifestyle and mindset shifts as the weather and light shift. In our modern lives, how do we adjust our lifestyles to adapt to the shifts of the seasons? You can count on me to continue to remind you to attune to nature’s messages, switch things up, and live in rhythm with the seasons.

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With each Season comes an invitation. It invites us to be present and totally savor it- for its tender and harsh elements.

It doesn’t say lets ignore the past and not look to the future, rather lets process the present as it relates to the past and future. Lets be in it.

The invitation to live in rhythm with the seasons is an invitation to live with presence. Unmatched growth & transformation happens in the present with presence.

The wisdom of the seasons has the capacity to balance us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The beauty of each season can humbily teach us how to form a regenerative culture; the seasons modeling for us the often intangable values of compassion, grace, patience and acceptance.

Simply put the seasons teach us where to focus our energy.

When we connect to the seasonal rhythms we conserve energy, we move with the natural cadences, as if in a dance. This dance is mutually beneficial for humanity and the created world. This creates a more unified collective conscious and more balanced existence, for every living thing. For me its all about restoration - renewal of all things.

Living this way is a journey - a commitment to process not perfection. It says, ‘I want to be mindful in each season, and develop a real seasonal spiritual practice, I want to engage in each seasons invitations, exercises and activities’.

Through coaching and the local seasonal events these ideas can become more approachable, simple and fun.

Each season invites us to






Summer | june 21- Sept 22

Summer invites us to let go of our safety rails, to swim into the deep, walking by faith, not by sight. Is meaningful to serve, to be outside, travel and really live from your heart.

Within Coaching we focus on:

  • Exploring through all the senses

  • Noticing and serving others

  • Appreciating walking by faith - trusting

  • Creating a life lived from the heart


Spring | March 20-June 21

Spring is a time to play! To live into new realties, to notice the little buds of growth, to be light and open. Its a good time to eliminate sugars + caffeine if you haven’t already. Its a time to begin that new project.

Within Coaching we focus on:

  • Exploring through play

  • Noticing and becoming more light and open

  • Appreciating beginnings of new projects or concepts

  • Creating time for Spring cleaning / detox


Autumn | sept 22 - Dec 20

Its a time to gather together, store up, study and plan for the stillness of Winter. Walks at night, gratitude and meditation are all great practices to keep consistent this time of year.

Within Coaching we focus on:

  • Exploring our grief and learning to let go

  • Noticing the harvest

  • Appreciating through study, things that you’re curious about

  • Creating gratitude for all that has grown and matured


Winter | Dec 20 - March 20

A time to listen to your body, dance, deal with your fears. Its a time to hibernate or not feel bad about being indoors. Its a great time to plan out the next year, read by the fireplace and be still.

Within Coaching we focus on:

  • Exploring what it means to listen to your body

  • Noticing and dealing with fear

  • Appreciate hibernation (Being okay to be inside and slowing down)

  • Create time to plan out your next year

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