You are extraordinary 

You are already on a path of transformation

I am here to document & deepen that transformation.

The process


Beginning with The Portrait you will experience a centering and playful space to reconnect with your true self. 

With that new portrait we can move into The Coaching space where regenerative growth and holistic balance is activated and sustained.

first the Portrait 

dISCOVERY conversation(s)  

Lets slow down to go over goals + see if we are a good fit;  to explore what it might feel like to work together. 


Up to 90 Minute call to connect with the Spirit within 


90 Minute on location shoot


then the coaching 


90 Minute Self Discovery sessions, going over the intake form  


90 Minutes set aside to create your action steps to achieving your goals 


Up to 90 Minute sessions to check in & continue having powerful conversations


if we are honest we are restless, irritable, and discontent.

We find it impossible to just sit still and be. So we distract ourselves with activity and entertainment, non-stop busyness to keep us looking everywhere but inside ourselves. We mood-alter with substances + experiences. We medicate our existential anxiety.

I get it, I do it...


but FREEDOM + wellbeing are possible.  


"By definition, you can never see or handle what you are addicted to. It is always 'hidden' and disguised as something else…. You cannot heal what you do not first acknowledge." - Richard Rohr

By investing in this two part process

You will learn to acknowledge, renew and rebuild: your self-image, your dreams, your life. 



Something profound yet powerful happens one-on-one. The wellbeing of the culture begins with the wellbeing of the one. I am committed to holding regenerative spaces, creating powerful experiences and questions that draw out the creative and innovative powers within each one of us. 

You are investing More Than Money

This process is not for everyone.
Our work together requires bravery and time.
My clients and I commit for 12 months; 4 seasonal check ins; 1 full year.

There is a minimum investment of $2,000 and most clients pay $7,000. You must be ready to invest your energy, your time and your commitment to creating new framework, new rhythms and new dreams.

When you are ready, lets talk.

serve hard, play hard

By integrating these alternative + contemplative practices we can break down dualistic thinking. These shifts are deep and regenerative. It means you must be willing to do things differently and be open to change. At the same time you must be open that freedom and wellbeing is also closer than you think. Our work together requires bravery and time. This two part process uncovers your hidden blocks and gives you tools you need to succeed as you walk, stumble and sometimes run on the path of transformation.    

If you’re ready to show up & play hard I would love to support you. Clients are taken by referral or invitation only.


these experiences are unique + innovative

They are:  

spirit lead, spirit filled  

Beginning with listening to the spirit within we are able to move in greater levels of freedom both in the sessions and outside

contemplative + playful 

With the use of breath-work, creative visualizations with a playful approach we can catalize a centered strength from within so that whole person transformation is activated & sustained 

Seeking deep regenerative shifts

We know the vulnerability needed for this deep work therefore we celebrate the courage of each person that chooses these experiences + ongoing work  



On our journey toward well-being we must be-well. We must learn to be ourselves, be whole, be true.