Seeking deep regenerative shifts


this empowering two fold process is Meant to be experienced together while individually they serve as strong nurturing places where you will experience

 + physical healing

+ emotional freedom

+ intellectual empowerment

+inspiration for your spiritual life 


Offering a centering + playful space to restore the self-image

the portrait

Holding a nurturing space for sustainable growth

The coaching


These processes are totally unique + innovative 

spirit lead, spirit filled  

Beginning with listening to Spirit we are able to move in greater levels of freedom both in the sessions and outside

contemplation + play 

With the use of breath-work, creative visualizations, prayer and play we can catalize a centered strength from within so that whole person transformation is activated & sustained 

Seeking deep regenerative shifts

We know the vulnerability needed for this deep work therefore we celebrate the courage of each person that chooses these experiences + ongoing work