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Processing through art making

What started out as supporting a dear friend share her art with our community has grown into seasonal workshops processing our mental, emotional, spiritual & physical selves as a group. Something transformative always happens when people come together and create something symbolic and representative of their present season or goals - processing the seasonal invitations to attend to their whole selves. Science is now catching up the ancient wisdom that holistic learning - the integration of new ideas & growth happens on neurological & physiological levels when explored through a creative art making process. Join us at our next event!

Spring | Storytelling your emotions through Abstract Form

With Dutch

This Workshop invited brave women sit in silence connecting to themselves in order to put form to who they are. With that abstract visual form they crafted fabric shapes into a unique art piece.

They courageously shared their work and their stories in a circle receiving feedback and encouragement. A true healing experience.

Summer | Processing your heart health with Sun-prints

With Dutch

During this Workshop we talked about the connection of attending to our heart health in Summer. We connected to our bodies through breath work. Lead through a visualization they connected to a visual shape or narrative.

With that form in mind they placed the shapes onto Cyanotype fabric. Collaborating with the sun they let the Summer light expose what needed to be exposed. With this new visual they processed with a partner and identified what they saw, what they wanted to release, what they were committing too and what they may need to ask for support in.

With courage each woman left with her print framed, a new revelation and an action step to engage with this Summer.

Private Studio Classes

for Kids & Youth

at Encinitas House of Art

From the dusty roads of Uganda with former child soldiers to the streets of Beverly Hills with celebrity kids I have seen the healing power of art in the lives of youth around the world. It brings me so much joy to create safe spaces to engage in the creative process. With my background in the wellness space I love integrating simple mindfulness concepts creating a holistic grounding experience. As a working artists, arts education has always been an outlet and place of deep joy for me. I can't wait to offer studio hours in basic hand built ceramics, watercolor, mixed media, digital photography, drawing, painting & more. Meet me at Encinitas House of Art (Sunshine Gardens) to explore your creativity!

Contact me for more information & rates |

155 Quail Gardens Drive Encinitas CA 92024


This is a space of inspiration for the next generation to become innovative, empathetic, and healthy creators. How and what they create makes their local and global communities more vibrant!
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Past Teaching Positions

2017/18 Designer Camp, Beverly Hills - Photography Camp Director

2014/17 South Pasadena Art Center - Art Teacher

2008/09 A Reson to Survive (ARTS) - Art Mentor

2008/10 Outside The Lens - Photography Teacher

2006 Invisible Children, Uganda - Photography Camp Director & Teacher with former child soldiers